Benefits of a Church Building Consultant

The idea of spending additional money for a building consultant on your church construction project might seem unnecessary to most, but with the help of an experienced, independent building consultant, your church will save time, money and effort, making the additional expense well worth it.

Many architecture and construction companies will offer their own consultation services for their clients. In some cases, however, these consultation services are merely an effort to sway you church’s building decisions in their favor. Because of instances such as these, it’s a good idea to hire an independent consultant who does not have a personal agenda in deciding where your church spends its money.

What does a church building consultant do? An article from an online church business magazine does a great job of summarizing what exactly your church building consultant will help you with:

  • Identify and quantify needs - What does the church need to build and why is that the right thing to build to help the church become the vision and accomplish the mission of the church.
  • Financial Feasibility - What can the church afford and how will they pay for a church building program. This may include helping the church prepare to receive a church construction loan or execute a capital campaign.
  • Run a Capital Campaign - A capital stewardship campaign can help your church raise 1.5-3x your current annual budget in just 3 years.
  • Assist the church - Assist by evaluating, selecting and negotiating with the architect, engineers, builders and other professionals.
  • Overall, hiring a consultant in the beginning stages of your church building project will be worth the minor expense required for their services in comparison to the great deal of time, money and effort that your church will save in the long run by doing so.

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